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Roundup Lymphoma Lawsuits

Roundup Lymphoma Lawsuits

As Roundup lymphoma lawsuits make their way into courtrooms across the US, Monsanto is paying out in massive settlements to victims exposed to Roundup. If you were diagnosed with lymphoma after repeated exposure to Roundup, you could have a claim against the corporate giant. Filing for compensation is easier than you may think- contact Your Case Worth to find out how to take the first step. We are justice advocates fighting for the rights of our clients to ensure companies like Monsanto are required to pay for the damage they’ve caused.

What is a Roundup Lawsuit?

Roundup lymphoma lawsuits claim that the product’s manufacturer, Monsanto, failed to warn consumers about the risk of developing lymphoma and other forms of cancer through exposure to their product. Even after reports came out showing Roundup to be many times more dangerous than initially believed, Monsanto refused to do what was right by their customers by removing the product from store shelves. Intentional criminal actions by Monsanto caused significant harm to thousands of their customers- but they’re facing their day in court. Make sure a judge hears your Roundup case by contacting our team from Your Case Worth.

How Can I Stay Informed About Roundup Lawsuits?

Bookmark Your Case Worth and return to our website frequently to find news articles and information about recent judgments and upcoming lawsuits. Use our site as a Roundup Trial Tracker and submit your claim to us when you’re ready to file. We want consumers to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the justice system regarding Roundup settlements being awarded across the country. If you, a spouse, or someone you love has suffered harm due to Monsanto's criminal behavior, you deserve monetary compensation for loss of life or health- we can help you file a class-action lawsuit to receive restitution.

Is Bayer Responsible For Paying Victims of Roundup?

Monsanto’s sellout to Bayer was a see-though tactic to avoid paying out to victims of their product, Roundup. Consequently, judges are overwhelmingly ruling in favor of victims in lawsuits against Monsanto; in fact, the corporate giant is currently paying out billions in damages to consumers who developed lymphoma and other forms of cancer. As more Roundup lymphoma lawsuits come to court, Monsanto faces inevitable bankruptcy- ironic, considering the many farmers in the US and villages throughout India that Monsanto is responsible for bankrupting.

How Do I Get Started With My Case?

You can get involved in an upcoming class-action lawsuit against Monsanto when you contact Your Case Worth. We’ll add your case to others to form a class-action suit to streamline the legal process and help you claim your share of a future settlement. If you’ve spoken with an attorney who recommended that you file an individual claim, you should know that your case could be tied up in court for many months- even years. Joining one of the Roundup Lymphoma lawsuits similar cases are banded with offers your best chance to see compensation.

Roundup Lymphoma Lawsuits
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