Economic Development Windsor

Economic Development Windsor

Economic development in Windsor opens many opportunities. Companies such as Centerline and Aphria utilize our skilled workforce to further their mission. However, moving to Windsor means dealing with a complex regulatory environment. Payne Municipal Consultants helps our clients navigate this environment with ease.

What companies choose Windsor?

Windsor offers a variety of programs attracting talent to the region. Our city is dedicated to creating apprenticeships that give you our employers a leg up in finding or building a talented workforce.

Many companies make Windsor their home. German auto parts firm Kauth plans to open a factory and headquarters in and near the city by 2020. Our prime location and cultivation of a skilled workforce also allow many individuals to start small businesses. Restaurants, accountants, and coffee shops all take advantage of Windsor’s unique environment.

Why should I open a business in Windsor?

Financial incentives abound in the city. The Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy aims to encourage rebuilding abandoned or underused properties. Further incentives exist of the property must be made to meet environmental standards.

Other incentives exist for business owners. The Ontario Self Employment Benefit helps people eligible for employment insurance. Services include business planning, administrative training, and consulting. The EPICentre also offers entrepreneurship classes, workshops, and activities.

Windsor aims to attract technology entrepreneurs as well. Our community fosters innovation and collaboration through the WeTech Alliance which focuses on business acceleration, engagement, and championing innovation. This program offers the resources and support required to succeed.

What do I need to know to open a business in Windsor?

It is one thing to plan to move to the city but another to put those plans in motion. Windsor exists within a modern regulatory environment. Height restrictions, permits, and inspections are required for many different projects.

The Building Code of 1992 requires obtaining a permit before construction or demolition. Situations where this applies are abundant. Homeowners and businesses extending, demolishing, or rebuilding sites must apply for approval.

Still, some extensions and projects do not require a permit. While free-standing solar panels need approval, others do not. As with any regulatory environment, many projects exist in a grey area.

Windsor’s regulations can be confusing. Bylaw violations are not uncommon. Payne Municipal consulting offers consultants at affordable rates to navigate this landscape. Our experts possess a thorough understanding of the law.

We can help even if you have committed a violation. Our company mediates between property owners and the city.

You should never be forced to deal with regulations alone. Finding affordable and expert consultants avoids fines and fees down the road. We offer the ability to get projects off the ground with zero traction.

Economic development in Windsor continues to attract talented workers. The city aims to provide business owners with the resources and talent pool to succeed. Even so, the city is modern with a comprehensive regulatory environment.

Payne Municipal Consulting offers expertise to navigate this environment better and deal with fines. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Economic Development Windsor

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